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If you are an outdoor enthusiast or enjoy a simple weekend hike, you need to get this Waterproof First Aid Kit for minor first aid emergencies. This is the perfect companion kit to bring along with you on your outdoor adventure!

First aid kits are great for those minor mishaps when you are out camping, hiking, boating, car or caravan and at the workplace or any other situation where you need a first aid kit supply.  Our first aid kits are designed for portability and convenience.  They have a durable case that protects the contents from dust, moisture, and contamination of the quality first aid products enclosed.

An ordered and properly equipped first aid kit will offer you peace of mind during a medical mishap. Being ready may help you stop infections and further injuries.

Where should I keep my first aid kit?

Keep your first aid kit in a very safe, dry and accessible place, and ensure everybody in your family is aware of the First Aid Kits location. First aid kits for cars, caravans or boats ought to be secured in order that they don’t become ‘projectiles’.

How do I maintain my first aid kit?

Well-maintained first aid kits are continually ready to use. ensure you:

  • Replace items as soon as they are used as potential once they’re used
  • Check the kit once every use or if not used, then once every twelve months
  • Check that items are in sensible operating order, haven’t deteriorated and inside their expiration date.
  • Make sure that sterile items are still sealed

First aid kits for the workplace

For additional information regarding Safe Work Australia’s first aid in the workplace Code of practice and workplace requirements, head to the Safe Work Australia website or email them at info@swa.gov.au.

Witz First Aid Kits case comes prepacked with:

  • Large knuckle bandage (1)
  • Large elastic bandage (3)
  • Small round bandage (3)
  • Small butterfly closure (2)
  • Square gauze pad (1)
  • Ointment foil pack (1)
  • Antiseptic swab (3)
  • Sting relief swab (1)
  • Antacid (2)
  • Ibuprofen (2)
  • Aspirin (2)
  • First Aid booklet (1)
  • Poly Zip bag (1)

Check out our First Aid Kits here

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