First Aid Kits


FIRST AID KIT ( 110mm-70mm-30mm )

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or enjoy a simple weekend hike, you need to get this Waterproof First Aid Kit for minor first aid emergencies. This is the perfect companion kit to bring along with you on your outdoor adventure!

These first aid kits are perfect for the car, backpacks, hiking, workplaces or any adventure you are on.

This is a beautiful red Witz Keep it clear case with first aid symbol.

Witz First Aid Kit case comes prepacked with:
Large knuckle bandage (1)
Large elastic bandage (3)
Small round bandage (3)
Small butterfly closure (2)
Square gauze pad (1)
Ointment foil pack (1)
Antiseptic swab (3)
Sting relief swab (1)
Antacid (2)
Ibuprofen (2)
Aspirin (2)
First Aid booklet (1)
Poly Zip bag (1)