Sunglass Cases – The Wrapper


Sunglass cases

The Witz Wrapper Waterproof Case is the perfect protection for those expensive sunglasses & glasses.  Padded in the top and bottom and felt lined for lens protection.  Because of the design of the wrapper, it offers exceptional protection against crushing. These sturdy & durable sunglass cases offer solid security for many types of wraparound style eyewear.  Get yours today!

These sunglass cases are perfect when you need all-round protection for Australia’s harsh climate conditions or anywhere you need protection for your sunglasses or reading glasses. Great for when you need protective sunglass cases for swimming, fishing, running, biking, sports, surfing and much more, or just when you need stylish sunglass cases for normal everyday purposes.

When you need the perfect sunglass solution for your next adventure, we have you covered.

Our products are quality sunglass protective products created by Witz Australia™.  We ensure a speedy shipping process and maintain our customer service standards through customer satisfaction. Keep your Witz about you!

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