Witz Waterproof Sports Cases

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Protect your electronics with Witz Sports cases! With a wide variety of high quality, durable waterproof cases, Witz is here to make sure your important items stay safe and dry while you are out finding your adventure! From phone cases and ID holders to passport lockers, Witz Sports cases has you covered. We know you are out there pushing the limits, just make sure you keep your Witz about you!

Witz® Sport Cases are THE most practical waterproof cases to protect your valuables. Witz® takes pride in the fact that all of our cases are compact, lightweight, portable and convenient. Unlike other protective cases, Witz® Sport Cases work for everyday use. Their streamlined design makes them perfect for hanging around necks, slipping into pockets, stowing in backpacks, or clipping to bags.

Witz® Sport Cases, are designed to protect your gear, so that you can focus on your adventure. So, go have fun, and leave the details to us.

What is an adventure? Is it surfing the highest waves? Leaping off a cliff into the roaring surf? Kayaking down the chutes of a storm-swollen river? Is every day an adventure in itself? However you define adventure, Witz® is here to protect your gear.

Witz Waterproof Sports cases are now being stocked in Queensland, made from high impact A.B.S Plastics they are dust proof, waterproof and float. So now you can keep your Cards, Money, I.D, Drivers licence, car keys, Phones Passports and much more safe and secure with you for piece of mind and help reduce theft. All cases come with a lanyard and carabineer.

Cases are perfect for being at the beach, surfing, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, canoes or kayaking, rafting, desert outback and 4wd, camping and caravanning, hiking and mountain biking, horse riding, snow skiing and snow boarding, passport safety while overseas, school children’s phones and many more activities.

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